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What does it take to be a VA?

Working virtually has become increasingly more popular especially since the Covid pandemic. The technology that’s at our fingertips to allow us to support our clients virtually is just getting better and better.

Our clients know that we can support them no matter where we are in the UK or even in the world for that matter. As long as we have an internet connection our work can continue.


It takes great organisational skills to be a VA. We have to multitask consistently, flitting from one job to the next and even jumping on important tasks whilst still working on another project. Our workload is never the same from day to day which means the role is incredibly varied. No day is ever boring.

It’s a VA’s duty to treat a client's business as your own. You’re part of the team, supporting them to grow their business. When you follow them on their journey it gives you a great sense of accomplishment knowing you have been involved in their success.


To be a successful Virtual Assistant you need to be able to turn your hand to almost anything. Clients need various types of support and they don’t want to be going to various different people to get their workload covered. Being as flexible as possible with the services you can offer will give you a good reputation. Word of mouth goes a long way when growing your business.


Don’t be scared of this! You won’t limit the amount of clients you attract if you do it correctly!

Finding a niche as your business develops means you will be able to promote yourself as an expert in your field. Your niche doesn’t have to be a client in a particular industry, although this is how we’ve grown our business. We support various different types of clients but the majority of ours are bookkeepers and accountants. One of our first clients was The 6 Figure Bookkeeper and we were lucky enough to become part of their community. We developed relationships with the bookkeepers and accountants in the group and many of them became our clients. We now specialise in helping bookkeepers and accountants to grow their business by taking on the jobs that don’t require their expertise, they don’t have time for, or they don’t enjoy doing.

Your niche could be a particular area in which you excel. For example you may be really good at helping clients with automation, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to offer any other service, as this may limit the number of clients you attract. It’s good to be able to shout about your area of expertise in order to generate new leads.


We have recently started to expand our business in order to support more clients. Katie and I were getting near to capacity and we were getting an increasing amount of enquiries from potential new clients. We don’t like to say no to people and turn clients away who would be the right fit for us. So therefore we decided to take on 2 new members of the team to help support our growing client base.

During this time we realised that there were so many VA’s out there that were just starting out or struggling to find their first client. We could see the potential in these people but it dawned on us that they may just need some support to build their self confidence and get them on the right path to gaining their first client.

We are currently building out a course to support VA startups in the hope to offer our expertise and knowledge to help other VA’s to grow a successful virtual business.

If you need some advice, tips and support for your Virtual Assistant business then why not book in a power hour with me?


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