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How a VA can help clients become more efficient and productive

At Two Birds Resources we love to relieve clients of their dreaded admin and support them with tasks which they just don’t enjoy or always find it difficult to make time for. This gives our clients time to work on their business rather than just in it, allowing them to grow their business. 

No task is too big or too small. A lot of our clients say, “Oh I didn’t really want to give you this job as it’s really boring” or “I think this job is below your level”. Honestly the jobs our clients don’t enjoy and want to handover, we never find boring, we love doing these jobs. So the jobs they hate are the jobs we love! That’s what we’re here for. 

We go much further than just doing the work we’re assigned. We often look at ways to help our clients introduce new processes with automation. This means their business processes are much more efficient. Therefore the time they have freed up is much more productive . 

You may ask why would we do this, we’re doing ourselves out of a job? In fact we’re not! It just means clients can hand over even more work because we’ve automated the little things that take up bits of time here and there which all mount up. 

We’ve been working with mainly bookkeepers, accountants and business coaches over the past 3 and half years. This has meant we’ve got to know the best software, learnt the best processes and been able to implement these for various clients. The knowledge we’ve developed from the experiences we’ve had means we can advise on what suits our clients business requirements.

When a business has the right people and processes in place, it allows them to explore new opportunities for growth. This generates more income, leading to more work. Because the processes are in place we can now take on that extra work in order to support our clients. 

It’s so nice to see businesses grow. To be with them and see what they’ve achieved over the years is really inspiring. I’m so proud of many of my clients and feel lucky to have been part of their journey. 

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